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Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

First things first, hello my loves, my name is Arlenne Gonzalez. All my life I had struggled with my appearance, never fully feeling comfortable in a room, picking and comparing myself to the woman around me. Never did I think I could become so confident and comfortable in my own skin. 

This fitness journey began about 5 years ago, and at every stage I met a different version of myself, a more better and improved one every time. This inspired me to look into helping others achieve the same.

Its not just fitness, its creating a life balance of happiness for yourself. I want my clients to be happy, strong, confident in what they are.

This is my passion.


Vegan Booty Fit Club


Come and experience one of my live bootcamp classes, DJ, Full Vegan Buffet, Amazing vibes, and More.


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